About Holy Sage Nature Cure

Holy Sage Nature Cure has been formulated based on Siddha. This ancient system balances five elements that exist in nature and our body: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. The connecting of Micro with Macrocosm generates harmony & positivity, generating subtle energy enabling quick healing

Can be applied on the chest, foreheadd, thorat & face; very effective for sneezing & common cold.
Cures Wheezing, Cold, Throat Ailments
* Heals Foot ache, Acne, Sunburns / Tan, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Joint Pains
Suitable medication to reduce the swelling, to heal foot ache, acne, sunburns/tan, back pain, knee pain, joint pains, minor sports injuries, piles, wheezing, cold, throat & toothache & skin aliments.
Also works great for minor sports Injuries, Piles, Toothache & Skin Ailments.

Guarantee: Product comes to you with a money back assurance, in case of not meeting with your satisfaction 50% will be returned