How can TrueRel work for you?

As you intend to sell products online/at your individual store at competitive prices, buying wholesale products from TrueRel will work for you. Your business can get the best deals possible on wholesale products directly from manufacturers and have a competitive edge in the product world.

Is TrueRel only for bulk buying?

No, TrueRel is not just for bulk. Even though the marketplace is built mainly for the bulk sale of wholesale products, individuals can still buy lesser quantity as negotiated with the supplier.

Can Anyone Buy from TrueRel?

Yes, anyone can buy from TrueRel. Whether you’re an individual or a company that wants to import or buy within the country, you can order for products directly from manufacturers on TrueRel. It essentially serves as a global marketplace and gateway where anyone can buy directly from manufacturers.

How can resellers avail buying from TrueRel?

Make your purchase and Resell the product at your own store after it arrives. You get the products at the price point of supplier to resell at solid margins.

Are the manufacturers/suppliers verified?

Yes. Only the Manufacturers and Suppliers and others who are onboarded after been verified and signed on Agreements are permitted to conduct business on TrueRel.

What all items are banned to be listed on TrueRel?

First copy products; counterfeit items; product photos with recognized faces, names and  signatures; product images containing illicit drugs; explosive, flammable and hazardous chemicals; illicit drugs and narcotics; weapons and ammunition; obscene and adult materials; pornographic materials; human body parts and remains; protected species; illegal services; military issued items; government belongings; offensive material; racial or religious intolerant materials; materials promoting violence and hatred.

Who can sell their products on TrueRel?

Manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), Suppliers, Small-Medium Industries, Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises, Mid-Size Companies, Businesses of all sizes.

Who can buy from TrueRel?

Wholesalers, Retailers, Franchise and Outlet owners, Drop shippers, Traders, Shop & Stores, Importers, Exporters, People looking to start their new business.

What is the Vendor onboarding process at TrueRel?

A vendor can on-board with TrueRel in few easy steps. Kindly get in touch with us at

What is MOQ?

This is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). It specifies the lowest quantity of a certain product that a manufacturer/supplier is willing to sell.

What is RFQ?

This is the Request For Quote (RFQ). It is a simple process and part of the daily interactions between suppliers and buyers. This is your opportunity as a buyer to participate in a supplier’s process and negotiate. This helps to ask important information to the supplier regarding minimum order quantities, production time and pricing, and payment options.

Do you cover Insurance?

Yes, TrueRel covers Product Insurance if required & Payment Security. Kindly get in touch with us at

Does TrueRel provide logistic support?

Yes, TrueRel provides logistic support for pickup and delivery of products at your doorstep for international as well as inland services.

Does TrueRel provide logistic support?

Yes, TrueRel provides logistic support for pickup and delivery of products at your doorstep for international as well as inland services.

Do you provide white labelling?

Yes. You are also able to create your own custom-made products from scratch utilizing your own unique designs, a process known as white labelling to sell at your store at solid margins.

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