About TrueRel

TrueRel is a web-direct B2B omnichannel digitalising global trade with End-to-End customer support tailored to serve all businesses.

We enable businesses to reach new markets with End-to-End support for real-time direct manufacturer chat, verified and genuine products, payment authentication and security, preferred flexible payment and banking integrated options, trade product insurance, and door-step logistics. At TrueRel, Businesses are simplified with top quality & value, consistency, customer service availability, payment protection, trust, and reliability in distribution process.

Take your business to the next level by getting your products in front of consumers with TrueRel!

What We Offer

Benefit for Brand Manufacturers/ Suppliers:

  • Global Multi-tier business listing
  • Genuine Buyers
  • Product Validation –Put your product in viable markets & increase customer reach
  • Dedicated web presence and company webpage
  • Public Value Creation for brands, Brand recognition
  • Best-in-class Rates for International and Inland Logistics
  • Banking Integrated Payment and documentation Support for Imports
  • Payment Authentication and Security
  • 100% Trade Coverage
  • User friendly and Seamless experience for processing orders
  • User Exclusive digital dashboard and order management
  • Support for handling faster shipping times and big orders
  • Automated product content management and processing

Benefit for Buyers:

  • Reliable and trusted brands
  • Verified manufacturers and suppliers
  • Real-time Chat with Manufacturers and Suppliers for initiating business
    conversations, to turn conversations into sales, price negotiations
  • Banking Integrated Payment and documentation Support
  • Payment Authentication and Security
  • 100% Trade Coverage
  • Product Insurance
  • Review- After sales response, feedback about products
  • Ability to design your own custom-made products, white labelling
  • Ability to buy bulk wholesale products directly from manufacturers
  • Increased control over product packaging
  • Fully integrated One-stop distribution option

If you wish to get more detailed information on a specific product: Contact us here contact@truerel.com